06 Aug 2015

Weekly Meeting Minutes, August 6, 2015

  • Head Count: 13
  • Minutes by cpg

Room Compliance

  • We are currently focusing our efforts on becoming as MIOSHA compliant as possible.
  • Discuss and ask questions in the #officers channel, and check the wiki for more information.

General Housekeeping

  • As our attendance returns to its peak during the school year, we should remain as conscientious about our noise level as we have been recently.
  • The door has been having difficulty closing completely without some extra force. Please make sure it is closed tight and locked before leaving the room, just in case.

Bronco Bash

  • We will have a table at Bronco Bash for Computer Club and PLAN. Talk to Hardison if you are interested in volunteering.


  • PLAN meetings are tentatively set for Wednesday afternoons leading up to Fall PLAN. Discuss any concerns with Hardison and cpg.
  • We are beginning to look for tournament directors and other volunteers for the event. If you are interested in helping out, message Hardison.

SALP Job Opening