13 Aug 2015

August 13th, 2015 Minutes by Cokezero 12 in attendence

PHD students looking for information, engineering campus *project with rpi and computer vision **perhaps with openCV and simulink *there exists a rpi club, we wanted to make sure they knew about them as well **They might be better for periferal integration, whereas we can help with software *There is a UAV lab that was doing a vision software that they can talk to as well

Wireless network is down

We need the treasurer to start keeping a better track of finances. We’re coming up on the next kit buy, and we need a good handle on the finances.

Sphinx will be setting up Pass for officers and better handling of password managment.

Alumni: We need your testamonials! See the facebook post or an officer if you need more details. Cokezero will send an email blast to the older alumni. We should add a page on the website for testamonials. (include the area of the member) - send these to theMind

When Emily Demerost’s new school liason is hired, we will need to meet with them to solidify our outreach for the next semester.

Cokezero is bringing cclub 2 new monitors.

We need to replace the heatsink for kingcrow, just with a stock intel cooler.

We need to surplus the excess chairs we have.

Work continues on the room for MI OSHA compliance. *Electrical Drop project has been initiated within Facilities Management. *Floor Buff can be done through Darcy, they will give us a notice of when we need to have the floor cleared. *Darcy is also spearheading the project to fix the AC in our new room, since it was not done to our specifications initially.

Upcoming Events Parkview Passport

TedX Kalamazoo

Bronco Bash *Kyle can give us a generator if we need *We need multiple voulnteers

WIDR offered us a table for their annual Block Party for some community outreach *Sunday Sepetember 13th. *The weekend after Bronco Bash *Hardison will organize the table we have, but will not be around to man it. *We need multiple voulenteers to run the booth

Lockpicks from DEFCON for sale for $35, talk to flay.

PLAN *Hardison is finalizing the tournament schedule *We will talk to Fanfare for another magic tournament *Hardison needs people to step up ASAP. Please come talk to him. *PLAN meetings are tentativly every Wenesday. Stay tuned for the first meeting.