20 Aug 2015

Weekly Meeting Minutes, August 20, 2015

  • Head Count: 15
  • Minutes by cpg


  • We will be getting together in the room on Sunday, August 23, at 2:00 PM.
  • The shelves and printer are currently set up.
  • King Crow has been fixed. The water cooling system was replaced with a passive cooler.

CIS Club

  • There is a potential collaboration with the Computer Information Systems in our future. Talk to piggy for more information.

CS 2230 Boards

  • The peripherals for the MSP 430s required for CS 2230 have arrived.
  • The MSP 430 boards have been ordered.

Volunteers Needed for Upcoming Events

  • We have a table at Bronco Bash. Hardison (and maybe stringy) will be there from 1-4 PM. The plan is to have a PLAN raffle and fly around a crow quadcopter. If you wanna join us or stay after to help run the table, talk to Hardison in #officers or PM.

  • We have a table at the WIDR Block Party on Sunday, September 13th. It will be downtown. Demorest has offered to run a table from 12-3. He needs help and someone to take over at 3 PM. If you can help with the block party, talk to Hardison in #officers or send him a PM.

  • The date for the dual-booting workshop hasn’t been set yet, but Hardison needs help. Sphinx, demorest, hadron and others will likely help. PM or talk to Hardison in #geekouts to volunteer your time. There may be free pizza ;)

  • Hardison won’t be in town for the next week but will available over IRC, phone or email (hardison@yakko.cs.wmich.edu). Please come and help if you can spare the time.


  • Dr. Trenary has bought us a quadcopter!