09 Nov 2017

November 9th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by cookie in vim

10 people in attendance, including: leech, kahrl, mind, SgtSarcasm, zurek, kami, dolphin, dolphin-phone

2:04 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall


  • We still need volunteers for PLAN:

  • Concessions: 8pm Sat. - 4am Sun.
  • MTG: 10am - 6pm Sun.
  • CSGO: 12pm- 3am
  • Setup: 5pm Fri. meeting at the Office
  • Tear down: 7pm(ish) Sun. at Parkview

  • Sign up to volunteer here

  • Current sponsors:

  • Velocity, Meijer, Geek Easy Computing, Nova VR

Accelerated Master Program

Possible Loaner Laptop

  • Sphinx proposes that club buy a few loaner laptops for those in need of laptops in the program

  • Although laptops are required for the CS program sometimes students run into issue midway through a semester and need a quick temporary solution

  • Possibly a cheap refurbished (i.e. Lenovo Thinkpads or Dell Latitudes)

  • Much planning and thought are required to approve and practically implement this idea, but it would be a valuable resource to the club and the department

Future Opportunity in the System Administration Department

  • Carter(Dolphin) and Steve(Hellbacon) will be leaving the System Administration Department within the next few semesters

  • If you are interested and graduate after spring 2019 talk to sphinx, dolphin, or hellbacon

  • Hiring will be done sometime in the next semester

New Officer Elections

  • New officers will be elected near the end of the spring semester

  • That means that everybody needs to start think about nominating/running for computer club office

  • Benefits:

  • if you are president or vice president the department awards you a scholarship
  • Huge resume builder
  • Great opportunity to positively affect the club you love

Hacker Fellow Internship Closing Soon

  • Hacker fellows is a Detroit based fellowship that trains computer/software developer and link them to tech companies

  • The application deadline is 11/10 for their summer internship

  • Click here for hacker fellows info