24 Jan 2019

January 24, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in vim

21 people in attendance, including: cookie, alu, taylor, pumpkin, caligula, sphinx, kahrl, presto, typo, frosty, spacedog, tyrna, drewr, aerospice, crue, sweeney, zurek

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

Coding Interview Practice

  • we have the cracking the coding interview book with 189 questions

  • we had some people show up and do about two or three questions

  • it was a great skill building excercise

  • it helps to build up communication as well

  • it will be 330 every friday

  • if interested show up to the room at that time


  • ctf is our hacking/secure programming class

  • tomorrow we have a new one called fireshell

Fight Night

  • fight night is at 6 again friday

  • a lot of people were working on the arcade machine so we did not have as much

Spacedog Kudos

  • spacedog put together all of the msp430 kits

  • we are handing them out tuesday

  • we will have people in the room to help or on the chat

Minutes Mailer

  • we need to fix the minutes mailer

  • this will send the minutes over email to members

  • if interested talk to spacedog or cookie

Flier Design

  • we are looking for new flier designs/business card designs

  • we could ask kami for the design on our banner

  • if you have a fresh design talk to cookie or spacedog

  • we will need these by bronco bash/all of the events in the fall

Science Olympiad

  • we have two competitions at science olympiad, game on and buster

  • if you have that saturday open, let cookie know


  • strongth noted that nospace was at grand valley state with their rso

  • when we reached out for collaboration, they said that they did not have many resources, but would be open to talking about future projects

  • we could get some collaboration together

  • we could find some way to interact with them

POS System

  • we could be getting a good pos system for 500

Game Jam

  • backbutton, tyrna, kahrl, spacedog, sweeney, sphinx, cookie were interested in helping set a game jam up

CS Class Help

  • i am willing to help people in the office on mondays and wednesdays from 330 to 730 and on tuesdays and thursdays from 530 or 6 to 730

  • i can help with anything from cs 3310 down, as well as potentially some math classes

  • we need to create communities in riot for our basic chat channels

  • caligula and cookie are also able to help

BonsAI Brawl

  • bonsai brawl is an ai writing competition that occurs

  • it is in java

  • it is very beginner friendly, and you will be writing a function

  • this was at parkview’s computer science lab last year

  • they had raffles

  • this is put on by michigan tech

  • spacedog will try to get details from dr carr about this year’s event


  • spacedog has a talk set up tonight on making music on the gameboy

  • dinner is at wings etc. at 730