07 Feb 2019

February 02, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in vim

21 people in attendance, including: cookie, spacedog, presto, alu, taylor, pumpkin, caligula, aerospice, sweeney, alex, drew, typo, sphinx, zurek

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

  • we had the week off

Interview Practice

  • we did not do ctf or the interview practice last week

  • we are still doing interview practice at 330 on fridays

  • we have definitely improved with this

  • this is the application to 3310/4310


  • we got the books in for the spring book buy

  • we reorganized the book shelf

  • we have a lot of books

  • if interested in math they are on the other side of the locker

  • the cs office was giving away books today

  • we grabbed a couple, but most were outdated/we had

  • they are there until monday

  • sphinx donated as did hellbacon


  • we have the saudi and oman ctf is happening right now

  • sphinx will go over return to libc exploit

Switch Dock

  • the switch dock is here in the office

  • we have a few people with switches

Fight Night

  • skuld backbutton caligula and others go to fight night

Office Hours

  • we have an office hours calendar

  • we have it on our website

  • if you are normally here during a time, you can post it to the calendar/the website

Soldering Workshop

  • ieee is doing a soldering workshop

  • they are very informative

  • we can do more permanent work with microcontrollers

  • there are flyers for this all over the engineering college

  • you can sign up for it by scanning the qr code

  • we can include a qr code on future fliers that link directly to the website related to our events, including fight night and just the club fliers in general


  • alu has looked through our wiki and is trying to update it

  • alu++

  • there are pages such as user pages, and a few more

  • they were extremeley outdated

  • alu updated them

  • we can message alu or put things on the wiki themselves

  • please add to your wiki user page

  • office hours are there as well, so if you are here regularly please update it to the minutes page

  • if you see something outdated, ping hellbacon or alu

  • you can also edit the pages

  • it is very useful for trying to show people that our club is not dead as of 2017

  • we need to work on the minutes mailer

  • cookie changed it to use the club gmail account

  • this program

  • if interested please pm me your email

  • i will gather all tonight/tomorrow and get the list to cookie/spacedog

  • we may get a chat command to add the email to the list

  • we are trying to see if people are in the room remotely

  • in about three weeks we could go outside and take a new picture

  • the one on our website is a few years old, and most of the current members are not on there


  • aerospice got more info for the rocketry info

  • they need people who know microcontrollers, specifically arduino

  • f209

  • tuesday 6:30

  • payload team is fridays 4 to 550

  • have a flier for more info in img room

  • or let aerospice know

PNC Account

  • we got all of our money in our pnc account

  • 7488.09

  • we have money to invest into things

  • we could build a new computer

  • rocktopus is having issues

Room Downstairs

  • if interested in designing a plan for a new computer around 1000, let us know in officers

  • they were doing renovations here in kohrman

  • it is downstairs

  • the richmond institute for design

  • they have an open classroom with a giant tv

  • we could use it for after meeting talks yet

  • lynn is the office person down there

  • they do different projects, it is a workshop area for students

  • product development

  • we could get some project development collaboration with them


  • i am doing a talk on an introduction to theoretical cs

  • there is a room up for gamejam in riot

  • it is called ccawmu jam

  • we need chili

  • skuld is doing a talk on game development with unity

  • we may get some alumni for the site picture

  • dinner is at hopcat