21 Mar 2019

March 21, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Notes taken by backbutton in Firefox

People in attendance, including: cookie, aerospice, caligula, presto, taylor, alu, zurek, spacedog, sweeney, coop, sphinx

6:00 PM, On a Thursday, 2225 Kohrman Hall

Interview Questions

  • interview questions are Friday at 3:30

  • we practice whiteboard questions

Science Olympiad

  • we will need to install scratch

  • be there at 8:00

  • we are going to bernhardt first, then sangren

  • be there or be square

  • this is this saturday

JCP SuitUp Event

  • they are having a sale on the 29th of march

  • this is the one at the crossroads mall

  • potentially half off


  • there is an internship for consumer’s credit unoion

  • dr. carr sent an email about it

  • the pdf is in the jobs channel

  • sphinx is looking for a lab person for cs1 in summer 1

IEEE Soldering Work Shop

  • this will be the second workshop this semester

  • there are beginner, intermediate, and advanced workshops there

  • this is a very good experience

  • this is march 29 at the engineering campus

Game Jamm

  • this is next weekend

  • the winner will get $50

  • the qr code on the flier will take you to the sign up page

Programming Contest

  • if interested, talk to sphinx or dr. kapenga

  • he may be hard to get by email

Hang the Projector?

  • no updates on this yet

Wali Pitch

  • WALI is the Western Aerospace Launch Initiative

  • they are working on a cubesat launch project with the US Air Force

  • there are two teams that a couple of members are handling

  • command and Data Handling is our main

  • we are also helping with the undermanned Communications and Power teams

  • we need more people here

  • this would look extremely good on a resume

Future of CTF

  • we have been talking about this a little bit

  • our group is a great way to learn about security and computers in general

  • support from the club has been dropping

  • this was supposed to be a club class with a faculty advisor

  • we could reign this in or go with an alternative class

  • there is a senior design group that is helping with this

  • we could alter it to a career prep for cs course


  • nominations are two weeks from now

Game Night

  • Wednesday at 6 in room c208 of parkview


  • dinner is at Bilbo’s at 7:00