01 Sep 2022

September 1, 2022

Minutes taken by Ming in VSCode alu, acp, chago, ming, g’kar, sphinx, minitron, girrocks, soup, kahrl, kelly, 5 new people(?)

Welcome Back!

- alu is president, adam is vice,

No Classes Monday

Fall Picnic

- 11am-1pm 13th, outside of Parkview
- Free food, see professors eat food in their natural habitat

Engineering Expo

- 3 weeks from now, Sep 21st from 1-4pm at Parkview
- Resume reviews can be done at the writing center but can be tailored specifically towards engineering during events hosted by DENSO

Drop-in Advising

- Mostly within this week, but still can attent at E102 on Monday 6th at the Advising Office

Google Student Development Club

- Talk to acp and alu if interested or Elaine Chan if you're like to participate in it

Cybersecurity Club

- Say hello, be nice with them
- No meeting time set yet, or a groupchat


- Builds satellites, uses linux, embedded c and cool microcontrollers
- Has a lot of teams, not just Computer Science
- Can learn how to work with government applications as well
- G'kar is coming back to WALI


- Bank account & Funds => 5.5K
- Shirts made 306.01
- Giving day made 661.20

Request for funding

- Due in early Fall (beginning of October)
- For projects that you wanna build with and is feasible


- We still have stickers in the clubroom, come over to club to get them

Pizza Party

- September 15th, come hangout
- Pizza and donuts

Class Visits

- We will be doing class visits to go around, looking for volunteers to go around these classes
- Talk to alu if interested so she can plan for it

Snack Requests

- Any requests can be made to Chago's dms
- Will be getting snacks and drinks soon
- There is a channel called snack-attack?

MSP430 + Blacktop

- Sep 15, we are doing a buyback for the MSP430
- We will give you money

Senior Design Project

- Wants to change the curriculum?
- Will be talking to Sphinx and Karhl for the plan of attack tonight
- Needs those MSP430 with the micro-usb and the led?
- We need around 35 more of these

Days to Remember


More Shirts

- Planning to do another shirt run for the club by the end of the month when there are more members
- Club gets money from these shirts, so it helps if you buy one
- Shirts, hoodies, crop-tops and long-sleeves


- GameJam will run this fall at the last week of September (weekend)
- Spacedog will help run it

- Ideally planning hold the hackathon a little bit earlier in April compared to last year
- Not sure if Bernhard will still be open by then/if the new student center was going to open in Spring
- Bigby is closed, Starbucks is going to open
- Adam couldn't get his coffee

- Bronco Bash and Passport day went well
- Will be planning the hackathon much earlier
- Join the #hackathon channel if you are interested in helping out

New Lockbox - New Code!

- Lockbox is broken, cannot get in freely
- Will be replacing it soon (next week)

New Servers (ty flay)

- New servers are already set up at Parkview
- Doesn't have anything at the moment
- Trying to move the chat and the website into the server so we could restart the dot
- Chat will be down for a day, but it would handle the memory leaks so we don't have to restart yakko
- Will still keep the names
- Give suggestions on what you wanna do with the server
- no cryptomining
- yakko is currently still not in danger
- You need to use wmu vpn if you want to ssh into any device here


- Dinner at Roadhouse at 7.30!!!