08 Sep 2022

September 8th, 2022

Minutes taken by Ming in VSCode alu, acp, chago, ming, blip, girrocks, kahrl, minitron, alumni, 3-4 new members

WSA Leadership Summit

- 8am to 3pm at Bernhard tomorrow
- Ming will go (partially)


- Salespage is looking for new devs, hit alu or chago up
- Radisson is looking for technology technicians

Resume Review

- Alumni wants to do some resume review (flay, strongth)

Cafe Critique

- They're bringing it back
- Extended Engineering-Expo drop in
- Denso and International Paper (MWF)

Blacktop Buyback/MSPs

- Buying the msps with the Blacktop for $30
- Got 40 msps, blacktop is the only issue for now

Fall Picnic

- 13th, Parkview @11am, right outside of Floyd Hall
- Professors will be there as well

Engineering Expo

- September 21st
- Can ask adam, alu or anybody else who has attended the expo
- Even if you're not looking for a job, it helps with confidence

Game Jam

- Weekends of the 30th
- Spacedog will be running it from MN
- 48-hour event

Last day to drop/add (TODAY)

- Apparently it ended last 4.30pm, not midnight anymore

Class Visits

- List of classes that club will vist will be shared in the chat
- Needs some volunteers for the event
- Alu will bring flyers!!!!

Pizza Party

- On the 15th, free food
- Msp buybacks are also going to be on that day
- Come hang out, eat pizza, buyback msps

More shirts? Stickers? Merch?

- Thinking about what designs we could do next for the stickers
- What other merch we could put the design on
- Shirts will start again in Sep/Oct


- Key is not in the door yet, the lockbox is still coming (will arrive this Sunday)
- Key will be back on the door once we get the lockbox